Popcorn Maker Review

It’s Friday night and the family is sitting down to enjoy a good movie, but there’s something important missing. Popcorn! Having a popcorn popper at home gives the family a light and healthy treat during a movie, but it also helps build a memorable tradition.

Popcorn Poppers: What to Look For

Popcorn by itself is an easy treat to make for large crowds and is quite light on the calorie count. But depending on your personal preference, you can make popcorn in a variety of ways, from hot air to stove top to microwaves. While each won’t necessarily influence flavor, they do make for a very unique experience as a popcorn maker.

Popper Type
Popcorn poppers come in a wide variety of styles, from microwavable containers to nostalgia popcorn makers. Each device cooks popcorn in a different fashion, though each will give you a satisfying treat. A hot air popcorn popper doesn’t require oil and so it pops the lightest, healthiest popcorn. However, air poppers aren’t dishwasher safe nor are they as durable as the best stovetop or microwave devices.

The key to an effective popcorn machine is airflow. Getting an even and uniform amount of heat to all kernels prevents burning and ensures every kernels pops. A variety of device designs exist which facilitate horizontal, vertical and diagonal heat blowing, all of which are intended to create enough evenly distributed heat to pop each kernel and create just the right texture.

You probably won’t need to use the warranty with the high-quality devices in our lineup. However, if heating elements in a popper begin to fail, the resulting impact is unevenly cooked popcorn and more frequent burnings. Just in case, you’ll want a lengthy warranty to protect against defects and ensure your home movie nights are all blockbusters.

Popcorn poppers create a healthy treat because they require less oil and preservatives than prepackaged popcorn. Investing in a popper machine can also save you money in the long term. It’s sure to be a popular investment among family and friends during parties, movie nights or other fun gatherings.

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